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Cracking Search Engine Optimization

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

Nowadays more than 90% of startups and businesses operate in an online medium, and hence digital marketing plays an important role.

Digital Marketing can be divided into the following verticals:

  1. SEO- Search Engine Optimization

  2. SEM- Search Engine Marketing

  3. SMM- Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a technique that helps online businesses earn a top spot in search results of engines such as google, bing, etc. Optimizing your webpage for better ranking helps your business grow by getting more web traffic, subscribers, revenue, etc. SEO can help businesses grow organically without needing any marketing costs for external players

The following are different SEO techniques:

  1. On-Page SEO: Focus on optimizing the on-page content of the webpage.

  2. Off-Page SEO: Focus on optimizing the domain authority of a webpage.

  3. On-Site SEO: Focus on optimizing servers and web backend.

Following are few off-page SEO strategies that can help your webpage rank higher:

  1. Evaluating Website Backlinking: The first step to start with off-page SEO is to analyze the backlink profile of the webpage. I use tools such as Ahrefs Backlink Checker, Moz Link Explore to evaluate useful information such as domain authority, number of backlinks, number of referring unique domains etc.

  2. Competitor Analysis: The next step is to analyze the backlink profile of your direct and potential competitors. You can find the competitors by searching the target keywords in the google search and saving a list of top-ranked competitors. The backlink scores and referring domains can further be added to the same list. Use this list to check for potential backlinking domains, for best results prioritize obtaining backlinks from pages which has a higher DA, PA score.

  3. Improve Inbound Linking: Now that you have the backlink profile, it's time to optimize the internal pages. The best techniques for internal linking are following anchor text optimization, passing link equity from high-authority pages, and adding useful links in the header and footer of the web page.

  4. Checking 404 errors: Broken Links impact the search engine results and deteriorate the overall user experience. One must ensure that broken links/ 404 pages must be identified and excluded from Search Results. Google Search Console is one of the best tools to generate a report to identify broken links and 404 pages.

  5. Quality Directory Submissions: Look out for genuine directories such as Yelp and Google My Business, which can help your business get quality backlinks. Compile a list of trustworthy directory and local citations sites. Directories that require submissions to go through an approval process are positive signals to search engines that you are a legitimate business.

  6. Look out for link building tactics: Off-page SEO is all about creating meaningful connections and synergizing with fellow communities. Tools such as BuzzSumo, Inkybee, and Outreach can be really helpful in researching potential blogs and sites where your content can offer good value.

  7. Post your content on social media: Keep your social media account updated with your webpage content and blog posts. Posting regularly on social media increases user engagement and helps in link-building. Your off-page SEO can be improved significantly by getting post interactions from Social Media channels. This way your content gets shared and accessed by people from diverse locations across the globe.

  8. Build Relationship with Guest blogging: Use guest blogging in improving brand awareness and generating quality backlinks. This can be done by first creating a list of blogging websites that accept guest blogs. Then research the blogging platform to understand the content topics accepted. Lastly, brainstorm topics that can be submitted to the blogging site.

  9. Promote your content with paid ads: Promoting your content inorganically with the help of platforms such as Google Ads(PPC), Facebook Ads and Bing can boost your online presence significantly. Social Media Marketing and dark posting is also very helpful in advertising and exposing your content to a larger audience.

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